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Mountain Swimming Swim at 1300m Above Sea Level


Mountain Swimming Swim at 1300m Above Sea Level

The lake of Brigels or “Lag da Breil” in Romansh is located to the east of the center of the village of Brigels. The natural lake is the perfect spot for a little refreshment in summer or for a nice family picnic. At an altitude of 1254m, the lake is about 500m long and 140m wide, making it easy to walk around it in about 20 minutes.

The SwissPeak resort and parking are located in the western end of the lake making it easily accessible. On the south side you will also find various entertainment possibilities such as mini-golf and a tennis court.

What we’ll do

The Lake of Brigels invites you are your family to have a nice picnic, enjoy  a little dip in the water or a nice walk around the lake, all while admiring the breathtaking mountain scenery.

Who can come

Suitable for the entire family.

Brigels Brigels
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