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The Copper Mine Step into the footsteps of the miners


The Copper Mine Step into the footsteps of the miners

Renowned for its historical, technical, and socio-cultural aspects, the visit to the copper mine is an eye-opening activity for everyone. The excursion will take you on an exciting discovery of the history of the mine, and is an exciting adventure immersing you in the world of a miner in the Swiss Alps.

The galleries of the copper mine, hollowed out by human activity, extend themselves 500 meters inside the mountain. You will be guided by knowledgeable experts who will explain the profession of a miner as well as the details of the formation of the Alps.

What we’ll do

A 1½ hour walk awaits you from the village of Zinal. The visit inside the mine is about 1 hour. Different mine games are offered during your visit, including a search  for hidden treasures in the mountain.

Who can come

From 6 years old.

Zinal Zinal
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